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Most appropriate for Company Seasonal Events and Picnics, Corporate Banquet Room Festivites, Festivals, Sales Meetings, Malls, Television, Theatre, or where ever a large scale themed performance is desired. I provide my own sound system consisting of either 350 or 700 watts depending upon the size of the audience.
Special effect lighting and / or theatrical fog may be employed in a indoor performance, whereas* Pyrotechnic Illusions are also available for outdoors!

The National Young Scholars Program at Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL

Everyone wants the chance to become the "Star of the Show!"

A classical favorite of all: the production of coins from everywhere into the chrome pail.
From the magician's assistants' ears, pockets, nose and even from those in the audience!
The Block Party audience loved it!

The "pizza" in the "oven" vanshed.
No one at this Summer Festival could figure out where it went until my audience assistant turned around. The pizza was then found hanging on his back!
at the Braidwood SummerFest

My audience volunteer has become
the "star of the show!"
She has just produced my magical bunny
from out of thin air.
(of course with my assistance)
at The Gaelic Park Irish Festival

another "Classic of Magic"
the "Levitation" or "Chair Suspension."
at the Three Rivers Festival in Channahon

Seasonal performances consist of:
"The Magic of Christmas"

"Magic & Illusion Valentines Day" Show

"The Shamrock Party Magic & Illusion Show"
(St. Patrick's Day Celebrations)

"Easter Magic & Illusion" Show

"Patriotic Magic & Illusion" Spectacular
(Independance Day and Labor Day Celebrations)

"Halloween Magic & Illusion" Show

"Golden Years" Senior Citizen Magic & Illusion Show

and many others.

Stage Magic & Illusion Performances
are 60 minutes in length and contain Music, Magic & Illusion, Comedy and much Audience Participation.


The Magic & Illusion Of Terry Murphy Contact (815) 782-5255   9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily