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A Stand Up Magic Show is a performance without a
stage on the same level as the audience.

Depending upon the size of the group, I also provide either a 20 watt, 350 watt, or 700 watt sound system complete with music.

Smaller Illusions are employed during the Stand Up Magic Performance.

Duration of the show is a full 60 minutes.


A Corporate Event is not complete without a "bit of magic" and comedy!

At the Drury Lane Convention Center in Oakbrook

This young lady knows that she is about to receive the experience of a lifetime.
"A Sword through her Neck."
At the Minooka SummerFest


A Classic of Magic...
the Floating "Spooky" Silver Ball
which eventually vanishes in thin air right before the audience's eyes.
For the 300+"Halloween" audience in Lake Zurich


He doesn't seem to mind that
his hand is about to be "magically severed."
In Lake Zurich


Entertaining a student assembly is an ordinary feat of prestidigitation for
"Chicagoland's #1 Magician."
In Plainfield


The Halloween "Visible Sawing In Half" Illusion
"is something this girl will have alot to talk about for quite sometime."
In Naperville


In addition to Santa's little helpers,
the Magician's assistants' help out as well.
In Carbon Hill



Yes ! "Cigam" is a Real
Live Bunny!

The photo below was recently taken

 at RR Donnelley's corporate office-

 "Take Our Children To Work Day"

My mystical bunny "Cigam," normally appears in most of my performances.
"Holiday Magic" in Joliet

     Seasonal performances consist of: 

     "Holiday Magic"

     "Magic & Illusion Valentines Day" Show 

 "The Shamrock Party Magic & Illusion Show" 

        (St. Patrick's Day Celebrations)

           "Easter Magic & Illusion" Show 

            "Patriotic Magic Spectacular"

(Independance Day and Labor Day Celebrations) 

       "Halloween Magic & Illusion" Show

          Block Parties

"Golden Years" 45 minute Senior Citizen Magic & Illusion Show

               Wedding Receptions

         and many others


The Magic & Illusion of Terry Murphy Contact (815) 782-5255  9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Daily